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Riverside County April 2020 Sold Data:

Per Multiple Listing Service, the chart below shows the number of homes sold in 6 Cities situated in Riverside County.  The top left chart shows the total number of homes sold from Apri 1, through April 30  of 2020 and what type of owner sold it.  Based on the data 66-77% of homes sold were owner occupied and 23-34% were vacant homes or rentals.  The top right chart shows current number of homes active in the market as well as the number of homes currently under contract as of 5/11/2020.   

The chart below is a break down of the sold homes based on price range.  Per data, it shows that 70% of homes sold in the price of $300,000-$500,000.  The average days in the market for sold homes were between 20-40 depending on price and area.